Curse of The Silver Pharaoh

by: Mat Kelly


The dead body of Curator Wade Dewolfe was found under a large bronze statue of Agememnon of the Egyptian exhibit on loan to the Museum of World History and Civilization! Who was the murderer? The director of the Museum? His arch-rival? Join Detectives Montgomery and Swift on this wacky adventure to discover whodunnit! 

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Apr. 28, 29 @ 8 PM
Apr. 30 @ 2 PM
May. 5, 6, 12 @ 8 PM
May. 13,14 @ 2 PM

Cast & Crew

Deb Deckert (Heather Montgomery)
Deb’s loves performing and some of her favourite roles include Dolly in Hello
Dolly; Sister Hubert in Nunsense; the boozy psychic Carmen in Cooking with Gus;
Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest; and portraying historical
figures in Guelph Museum’s Spirit Walks. She was recognized with a WODL best
actress award as Lucy in On a First Name Basis in 2018.  Deb and husband Andy W
moved to Kincardine just over five years ago and she’s delighted to be sharing the
stage with him once more as she says it made rehearsing lines at lot easier.

Andy Wasylycia (Alvin Swift)
Andy is excited to be walking the boards again with Kincardine Theatre Guild!
There was no containing his enthusiasm when he discovered the wardrobe
decisions for the character of Alvin Swift.  Andy’s first stage appearance with KTG
was as Hank in Suburban Standoff and since then he has helped with set building,
stage management and more recent roles in the Three One Acts this past year.
Andy is thrilled to be making new theatre friends and reconnecting with old ones
in this current production.  He says there’s nothing better than being part of live

Terina Wnuk (Jessica Dewolfe)
I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am making my theatre debut and fulfilling
a lifelong dream of performing on stage! As a full-time real estate professional by
day, I never imagined that my passion for theatre would become a reality. But
now, as the newest addition to the community theatre scene, I'm eager to bring
my personality to the stage. And who knows, I may even have a few real estate
tips up my sleeve to share!

Kristina Meisenheimer (Helena Hobbs)
This is the first production I have ever been a part of! The entire cast and crew
have been beyond amazing and I wouldn't want to share this experience with
anyone else. I’ve definitely made lifelong friends. I operate a store in town
Weekins Children’s Shoppe, with my sister Jaime. In my spare time, I enjoy writing
both poetry and prose and have been published in a few anthologies. My last
poem “Stjärna/Pretty Star Baby” was published in the International Polaris Trilogy
in both paperback and lunar edition. The lunar edition will be digitized in the
Polaris time capsule of the Lunar Codex and sent via SpaceX/Astrobotic
Griffin/NASA Viper Rover to the lunar South Pole in 2024.

Jennifer Neil (Elaine Schlutz)
Jennifer can usually be found behind the scenes, however, the thrill of playing
Elaine in this show was too tempting to ignore! Her next KTG adventure will be
directing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for the Kincardine Theatre Guild! Stay

Jaki Mayer-Duggan (Claudia Beauchamp)
I have been a member of KTG since 1987. Since then, I have been on stage,
backstage, for many jobs, including Stage Manager and in front of the stage as
director for many plays. Annie and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour
Dreamcoat, (twice!) …to name a couple. I love all aspects of theatre and being
part of a production team. When we work on a play, we become family, and this
cast is amazing! I am a retired French teacher. I enjoy reading ‘real’ books,
listening to music, singing and going for long walks. I also enjoy doing puzzles:
word and jigsaw, with my husband, Sid (Seth).

Sid Duggan (Seth Dodge)
I have been a member of KTG for 25 years, have been in numerous plays (major
and minor roles), have built many sets, and done a variety of backstage jobs. I
keep my brain alive with puzzles. This helps me to remember my lines? Being
involved in theatre keeps me out of trouble at night, and being a handyman does
so in the daytime. Amateur theatre is a delightful pastime with a wide variety of
possibilities. I would recommend it to anyone.

Leahanne Mackay (Zoe Telfer)
Leahanne started her acting debut at age 14 with Kincardine Theatre Guild’s 2001
production, Pirates of Penzance. She returned for the following years’ production
of Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. Since then, Leahanne has enjoyed the
theatre from the gallery, and focused more on her love of photography. It was
always her hope to one day to rejoin the stage, and she felt that this production
was the perfect opportunity for her return. Leahanne is excited to play the part of
Miss Zoe Telfer, a character that shares her quirky attitude and poor luck for
losing things.


Photos by Sandy Nelson

From the Director’s Chair
Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Add a bit of comedy, some quirky characters plus a
dead Pharoah and you have the promise of an hour or two of an escape from the outside world.
It has been such fun working with this crew and this cast of eight actors. Whether it’s the
learning of lines, sharing ideas for the set and costumes, finding just the right props, getting the
makeup exactly right for the head shots, etc. etc., this group has shown their sincere dedication
to bringing the best possible show to our audiences. We know you will appreciate their
efforts. Please sit back, enjoy the show and ‘laugh out loud’!
Shirley Bieman

Shirley Bieman (Director)
Little did I know when I started with the Guild in 1987 as a member of the chorus of HMS
Pinafore that I would still be an active member 36 years later.  I certainly didn’t think that I
would be capable of taking on the numerous positions I’ve been privileged to hold over the
years.   It has been such a joy working with this KTG family for so many productions in so many
roles: chorus member, actor, props, costumes, stage management, front-of-house, music
director, and director.   Here’s to many more years of learning, sharing and just plain enjoying
this thing we call ‘community theatre’!

Mary Beth Dennis (Stage Manager)
Mary Beth has been a part of this wonderful KTG group since 2006, as Sister Margaretta in the
Sound of Music. She has loved being in many musicals here and worked roles behind the scenes
from props to stage manager in others. Previously for a short time she was a part of Globe
Musical Theatre in Georgetown Ontario but KTG has a special “family of fun” feel that she just
She is a retired elementary school teacher, an avid animal and nature lover and a part time
artist and writer. In her spare time, she loves travelling, working with children, reading,
problem and puzzle solving, kayaking and hiking.

Wyonne Baribeau (Producer)
I’ve been acting all my life, sometimes even on stage…
I’ve written, directed and produced short plays when I lived in a quaint little town in Manitoba.
After moving here, I was delighted to be able to join the Kincardine Theatre Guild. I’ve been
back stage, on stage and now I am enjoying the role of Producer for this amazing production.
The cast and crew are all so talented and watching them laugh and learn at rehearsal has been
great fun. When I’m not playing around at the theatre, I’m usually off on an adventure
somewhere I’ve never been!

Assistant Stage Managers – Amanda Stockbridge, Jayne McGibney
Box Office – Wyonne Baribeau, Donna Baxter, Evonne Hossack
Costumes – Holly McAdam
Front of House – Gloria Bond, Dave Carson, Lynn Bos, Shirley Hayes
Lights – Gabrielle Geberdt
Photographer – Sandra Nelson
Props – Jayne McGibney
Set Construction – Andy Wasylycia
Set Construction Assistant – Paul Dennis
Set Décor – Donna Baxter, Mary Beth Dennis, Andy French, Jayne McGibney
Set Design – Shirley Bieman
Scenery Artist – Darren Creces
Sound – Doug Neil

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Curse of The Silver Pharaoh

Curse of The Silver Pharaoh

The dead body of Curator Wade Dewolfe was found under a large bronze statue of Agememnon of the Egyptian exhibit on loan to the Museum of World History and Civilization! Who was the murderer? The director of the Museum? His arch-rival? Join Detectives Montgomery and Swift on this wacky adventure to discover whodunnit! Directed by Shirley Dodds-Bieman.

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