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2017-18 Season

  • The Giant’s Garden

    The Giant’s Garden

    A delightful musical written by two Canadian writers/composers.

    Nov 2017

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  • Suburban Standoff

    Suburban Standoff

    Feb 2018

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  • Blithe Spirit

    Blithe Spirit

    Mr. Badman: Can you foretell the future?
    Madame Arcati: Certainly not. I disapprove of fortune tellers most strongly
    Mrs. Bradman: (disappointed) Oh really? Why?
    Madame Arcati: Too much guesswork and fake mixed up with it, even when the gift is genuine. And it only very occasionally is. You can’t count on it!
    Ruth: Why not?
    Madame Arcati: Time again. Time is the reef upon which all our frail mystic ships are wrecked.
    Ruth: You mean because it has never yet bee proved that the past and the present and the future are not one and the same thing.
    Madame Arcati: I long ago came to he conclusion that nothing has ever been definitely proved about anything.
    Ruth: How ever wise.

    May 2018

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  • Kincardine Calls

    Kincardine Calls

    Aug 2018

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