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Gibson & Sons

Gibson & Sons

Harry works for his dad in their family run, traditional funeral home. Things have not been going well since his mother passed away and a new, upscale funeral home opened next door. Always in his older brother’s shadow, Harry sends for his secret, online girlfriend to come to Canada with the object of matrimony in the hopes that this will finally make his family proud of him.

» Apr. 26, 27 @ 8:00PM
Apr. 28 @ 2:00PM
May. 3 @ 8:00PM
May. 4, 5 @ 2:00PM
May. 10,11 @ 8:00PM

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Letter from Kincardine Theatre Guild President

Letter from Kincardine Theatre Guild President

As another year draws to a close, most of you will be in the swing of preparations for the upcoming holiday season. And although this time brings us a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, it also gives us the opportunity to reflect on our past year.

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