Tickets for the shows in our 2019-2020 season are now on sale

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Kincardine Theatre Guild Ticket Purchasing Policy

Please note the following terms and conditions regarding ticket sales. 

  1. JB’s is the Kincardine Theatre Guild’s ticket seller. They are not associated directly with the Kincardine Theatre Guild. For questions or concerns about your tickets or the Kincardine Theatre Guild, please direct these concerns to Sarah Foster, board member of the KTG. She can be reached
  2. Ticket fees: There is a $1 service charge for purchasing tickets in person from our ticket seller and a service charge when purchasing tickets online. These fees go directly to the platform we sell our tickets with. 
  3. Ticket sales at JB’s are cash only and subject to a $1 ticket fee. This means tickets for our non-musical shows are $21 when purchased at JB’s. Children’s ticket pricing is not available for the remainder of the season. 
  4. Credit cards are only accepted for online purchases. You can buy your tickets online at
  5. There are absolutely no refunds on tickets. Once you’ve bought tickets, they cannot be returned. 
  6. Please ensure you buy tickets for the correct night and your seats are correct before leaving with your tickets or checking out online. 
  7. Ticket exchanges: Exchanging of tickets will be subject to a $5 surcharge per ticket, per time. Exchanges can only be processed by the Kincardine Theatre Guild itself. JB’s CANNOT process exchanges. If you need to exchange your ticket(s), you must reach out to Sarah Foster, board member of the KTG for assistance. She can be reached at
  8. The February show is cabaret seating with a cash bar, and the May show is row seating. You may choose your seats whether you buy them in person or online. If you purchase online, you must use a desktop computer to choose your seats. You cannot choose your seats on mobile or tablets. 
  9. You can bring physical copies of your tickets to the show, or simply show them on your device.