About Us

The Kincardine Theatre Guild began in 1982 when a small number of interested residents responded to the need in the community for live theatre. Since that time has performed in a variety of venues settling at their present home in the Kincardine Centre for the Arts at 707 Queen Street, Kincardine.

K.T.G. is a wholly volunteer, nonprofit, FUN, community theatre company run by an elected volunteer Board of Directors. K.T.G. has progressed since 1982 to a level that is envied by professional and semi-professional theatres alike.

K.T.G. is always looking for volunteers in all its departments: Actors, Directors, Producers, Stage Management (Stage Managers, Runners), Costumes (designers, seamstresses, dressers), Makeup, Hair, Lighting(Design Operator), Sound(Design, Operator), Sets(Design, Construction, Painting, Dressing), Props(Makers, Scroungers, Handlers), Choreographers, House Management (Ushers, Snack Bar Operators, Front of House Managers), Publicity and, of course, our Executive and Committees.

No experience! I do not know what any of these jobs are? I’m not from Kincardine! Well, don’t let that stop you! If you ever wanted to be onstage, behind stage, stage a play or just meet like-minded people, we have members who have been having all of this FUN for 25+ years and would be happy to pass on what they have learned.

As a member of Western Ontario Drama League, which covers Community Theatre from Owen Sound to Windsor and Sarnia to Burlington, K.T.G. benefits from over 30+ Community Theatre groups’ knowledge and workshops. There is even a little competition with awards which gives a sense of pride in what we do for our communities.

Oh, and you do not have to be a resident of Kincardine to join! We have Members from Hanover, Port Elgin, Tiverton, and other places. K.T.G.’s season runs from September to June with the production of 3 plays.



Shirley Bieman
Sam Hillier
Rob Millar

Board of Directors

Theatre Manager
Caroline Gorski
Technical Manager
Alex Rawlings
House Manager
Jaki Mayer-Duggan
Sandy Blackwood
Sarah Foster
Matt Harvey
Program Committee
Jennifer Neil
Donna Baxter
Stage Props
Donna Baxter
Box Office
Rob Millar
Leise Peddie
Arts Facility
Bonnie Bryan
Outside Liaison
Bonnie Bryan