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K.T.G. is always looking for volunteers in all its departments: Actors, Directors, Producers, Stage Management (Stage Managers, Runners), Costumes (designers, seamstresses, dressers), Makeup, Hair, Lighting(Design Operator), Sound(Design, Operator), Sets(Design, Construction, Painting, Dressing), Props(Makers, Scroungers, Handlers), Choreographers, House Management (Ushers, Snack Bar Operators, Front of House Managers), Publicity and, of course, our Executive and Committees.

No experience! I do not know what any of these jobs are? I’m not from Kincardine! Well, don’t let that stop you! If you ever wanted to be onstage, behind stage, stage a play or just meet like-minded people, we have members who have been having all of this FUN for 25+ years and would be happy to pass on what they have learned.