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The Kincardine Theatre Guild is run by volunteers. We are always looking for new volunteers to help with our productions.

While what many people see is the on stage part of KTG, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make every production run.

Backstage roles include: directing, producing, stage management, lighting, sound, publicity, house management, props, costumes, makeup, and others.

No experience is needed. If you are interested in learning something new, we are happy to teach you.

We put on three productions a year and our season runs from September until early June. Email us to get involved!

Upcoming shows...

  • Blithe Spirit

    Blithe Spirit

    Mr. Badman: Can you foretell the future?
    Madame Arcati: Certainly not. I disapprove of fortune tellers most strongly
    Mrs. Bradman: (disappointed) Oh really? Why?
    Madame Arcati: Too much guesswork and fake mixed up with it, even when the gift is genuine. And it only very occasionally is. You can’t count on it!
    Ruth: Why not?
    Madame Arcati: Time again. Time is the reef upon which all our frail mystic ships are wrecked.
    Ruth: You mean because it has never yet bee proved that the past and the present and the future are not one and the same thing.
    Madame Arcati: I long ago came to he conclusion that nothing has ever been definitely proved about anything.
    Ruth: How ever wise.

    May 2018

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  • Kincardine Calls

    Kincardine Calls

    Aug 2018

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