Kincardine Theatre Guild Code of Conduct

Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity

I will conduct myself in a professional manner with honesty and integrity.

I will not spread, through social media, e-mail or in public, gossip or rumours which are malicious or may discredit or dishonour the Kincardine Theatre Guild or any of its members.

Respect, Dignity and Kindness

I will strive to be a team player.

I will respect everyone’s ideas, input and opinions.

I will treat all members with respect, dignity and kindness.

I will respect the Kincardine Centre of The Arts building and all tenants that share the building.

Verbal, Physical, Sexual or Emotional Abuse

I will not abuse any member of the Kincardine Theatre Guild verbally, sexually, emotionally or physically.

I will not bully or discriminate against any member.

I will not stand by while observing others being harassed, abused or bullied.


If anyone has a grievance, feels they have been unfairly treated or if they feel that the issue has not been appropriately resolved privately, they are encouraged to contact the producer or director of the show.

If the issue needs to be addressed further, he/she will, on behalf of the complainant, contact a member of the Ethics Committee for immediate and confidential assistance.

The Executive Committee for the Kincardine Theatre Guild is committed to uphold both the letter and the spirit of the Code and the mediation and resolution of any grievance in an expeditious manner.