Sylvia Berg

Sylvia started acting a long time ago and very far away from Kincardine in a school production in Swansea, Wales. Before she immigrated to Canada, she was in several productions including Pygmalion, A Patch of Blue and Lady Swansea in an adapted version of Robin Hood. That marked Sylvia’s first, and thankfully, only attempt at a solo singing career.

Sylvia has enjoyed helping backstage for a number of productions with KTG that started with Oliver four years ago and most recently as producer of One Actmanship. She also ventured on stage again for a KTG production of the Vagina Monologues.

“There are so many talented people in KTG on stage and backstage to learn from. Join us if you like to act, sew, paint, do sound, lighting, construct a set, usher or just show up and look pretty in the stalls. If you want to be challenged, learn new skills and have fun then the play really is the thing.”