Caroline Gorski

Caroline joined the theatre guild in 1998 to do props for Move over Mrs. Markham. In 2000 Caroline moved to ASM for The Stillborn Lover. And then on to SM for many of the productions the guild has put on since, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat SM both for both productions in 2002 and in 2016, Evita 2005, Marion Bridge 2005, Maggie’s Getting Married 2007, My fair Lady 2004, Jack in the Beanstalk 2007, Guy and Dolls 2008, I ought to be in Pictures 2009, Annie 2009, A Christmas Carole 2010, Anne of Green gables 2011, Storm Warning 2011, Enchanted April 2013, Oliver 2013, Peter Pan 2015, Willow Quartet 2016 to name a few. Caroline would like to thank the members of the guild who over the years have provided a laugh, a tear, and always friendship.