Audition Notice: Buying the Moose

KTG is back! And we've missed you!

KTG IS BACK!      And we’ve missed you!

Thurs., Sep. 23   &  Sun.,  Sep. 26    @   7 :00 PM 

     @ Kincardine Theatre Guild, 707 Queen St., Kincardine

 Buying the Moose

By Michael G. Wilmot          

Directed by Linda Lloyd-McKenzie       

Produced by Donna Baxter

Cast requirements – 2 M, 2 F   of comparable ages

Rob – married to Betty, younger brother of Greg; tries to do the right thing but keeps messing up and doesn’t understand why; a little stubborn and immature

Greg – Rob’s older brother, married to Cheryl; trying to help but the nuances of the male/female relationships mystify him; typical brother/buddy, loves to yank Rob’s chain

Betty – married to Rob, best friends with Cheryl; emotional and easily wound up

Cheryl – married to Greg, best friends with Betty; a take-charge kind of woman

The Story –  It’s a he said/she said Canadian comedy!  When Betty sees her husband Rob doing “something”, she runs to her best friend Cheryl  to cry on her shoulder. Cheryl’s husband Greg just happens to be Rob’s brother so Cheryl orders Greg to go over to Rob’s house and find out what the heck is going on while she tries to calm Betty down. 

As the girls drown their sorrows in a box of wine, the guys commiserate over beers, everyone trying to understand what the others are thinking.  This hilarious, tennis-match-like play highlights just how easily men and women misinterpret each other’s intent.

Audition Requirements –  Cold read from the script.  Scripts will be available for perusal from 6:30 to 7:00 on audition nights.  Resumes and photos welcome but not necessary.

Rehearsals – Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 7:00 – 10:00 PM 

Due to the short rehearsal time, please do not audition if you can’t make a full commitment 

Show Dates – 9 shows/3 weekends:

Fri/Sat evenings, Nov.26,27 , Dec.3,4, 10,11   

 Sunday matinees, Nov. 28,  Dec.5,  12

Some crew positions are available – no experience necessary.  We will train you to the task.  Show up at auditions, we’ve got a spot for you!

***Covid Protocols will be in effect: The Centre for the Arts is a public building and as such, cast and crew must be double vaccinated. Masks, distancing, and sanitizing protocols will be in place, including contact tracing record keeping.                                             Permission by Playwrights Guild of Canada