Audition notice: Curse of the Silver Pharoah

We are holding auditions for Curse of the Silver Pharaoh, written by Mat Kelly.

The dead body of Curator Wade Dewolfe was found under a large bronze statue of Agememnon of the Egyptian exhibit on loan to the Museum of World History and Civilization! Who was the murderer? The director of the Museum? His arch-rival? A grad student he was having an affair with? Join Detectives Montgomery and Swift on this wacky adventure to discover whodunnit!


Audition dates are February 11 & 12- 7 p.m. at the Kincardine Centre for the Arts


Heather Montgomery – Detective

Alvin Swift – Detective

Claudia Beauchamp – Director of Museum

Helena Hobbs – Courier for the Exhibit- British

Seth Dodge – Curator

Elaine Schultz – Interpretive Planner

Zoe Telfer – A Grad Student/ Research Assistant

Jessica Dewolfe – A Researcher

Rehearsals: Every Tuesday and Thursday 7- 10 pm; Sundays from 1:30- 4:30 pm

Show Dates: May 14, 15 7:30 pm, May 16  2 pm, May 22, 23  7:30 pm, May 24  2 pm, May 29, 30  7:30 pm